Everything’s fine

Uncategorized September 10, 2019

“Everything’s fine, except the mess we’re in”, are the words detained young people use to describe their lives in the Cēsis youth detention center. “Everything’s fine” is also the name of a theater project in which dramatists from Latvia and Italy worked with young offenders in the colony for six months. [..]

In six months, six inmates of the youth detention center, working together with directors Alberto di Gennaro, Ilze Mazpane and Kristīne Ļeontjeva, have staged a play “Everything’s fine”.

The young people, the few that have made it through to the staging, are impersonating a chauffeur, a dancer, an auto mechanic, an athlete and a sage. (Read more.)

Cēsis, 2015

Photos: Kristīne Auniņa