Riga Performance Festival 2018

Uncategorized September 10, 2019

Workshop for drama teachers

Theme: Space-in-between; duration: 5 days. Created in collaboration with Sanita Duka.

During the workshop, the participants investigated the nature of performance art and their personal space-in-between which was followed by the creation process of individual performances. There were various exercises, skills and approaches introduced which the participants are able to use to enrich their personal working methods.

This workshop was considered to be a part of support activities for teachers of high schools that are going to be influenced by changes in a nationwide education standard system. In 2020 all high schools in Latvia will have a mandatory drama course including performance art as a part of it.

Photos: Indulis Zālīte

The participants of the workshop have acquired (quotes from the participants):

  • a lot of useful practical exercises for body, mind, language and imagination;
  • new approach in supervising the process which leads to an original performance, as well as implementing this approach to one’s personal pedagogical work with different age groups;
  • multiple methods how to give, receive and use feedback in such a way that it supports and guide the main goal;
  • a new system to reflect on the work and inner processes of others and one’s own.

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