The view of the world needs to be cleaned up from time to time – for a clearer picture and more serene revelations about what you have seen.
This is the first piece in a series of performances that I plan to perform occasionally for the rest of my life in moments when it feels like it’s time to clear the worldview again, and in places that seem relevant to the context of the moment.
In each performance I will clean a piece of glass that my mother, grandmother and grandfather were using in their households.
Nowadays, it sits on my balcony and, over time, is covered with street dust, linden pollen, rain stains, bird poop and ashes from my friends’ cigarettes.
The glass has witnessed a lot. It holds the stories of three generations and embraces the scratches of our lifetimes. It hides and offers the view of the world, that I carry with gratitude, pride, and sometimes despair and anger.

2h, a meadow, sunrise, summer solstice, clearing the glass with flowers, grass and  pond’s water that was soaked in my hair and clothes.

Photo credit: Sanita Duka

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