Comfort Zone

How to tame the ambiguity? How to twine a comfort zone in unsuitable conditions? How to calm oneself in frenetic environment? By weaving a comfort zone, falling asleep there and finally – owning it!

The practice of creating a comfort zone comprises elements of meditation and game – mindful concentration and playful interaction with random people. These elements affect the creation process of a handcrafted artwork – the comfort zone in which one can find a shelter from the mechanized and anxious urban environment.

5h, a crowded space, donated clothes, weaving a hammock and interaction with people.

Performance “Comfort Zone II”, market in Rīga, 2019

Photos: Līva Kalniņa

Performance “Comfort Zone I”, space between supermarket and public transport stop in Prague, 2019

Photos: Madara Pelnēna



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