Workshop for drama teachers

What is performance art? How does it differ form theater and everyday life? How to deal with the phenomenon of control? Why and how to teach performance art at school?

In collaboration with drama teacher and performance artist Sanita Duka, we developed a workshop specially for drama teachers so they could implement knowledge on performance art and methods of performance teaching in the future drama classes.

Teachers prepared their own performances on the theme “The Phenomenon of Control” that were presented to the public at the open session “Turbulence on Miera street” (“Nekārtības Miera ielā”).

The open session “Turbulence on Miera street”, Rīga, 2019

Workshop was a part of The Riga International Performance Festival 2019 and support activities for teachers of high schools that are going to be influenced by changes in a nationwide education standard system. In 2020 all high schools in Latvia will have a mandatory drama course including performance art as a part of it.

Duration: 4 days.

The main approaches used were process and experience based learning including learning by doing, knowledge construction, connectivism and systematic feedback.

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