Everything Will Simmer Down

9h, my living room, winter solstice, wrapping all my books to get rid of all (un)necessary information and calm down.

Books keep a lot of stories. I have a whole wall with books. About half of them belonged to my grandfather (he taught me to read!). There are books he hid from the Soviets putting them in other books’ covers. There are Latvian folk tales from my childhood, school
textbooks, philosophy study materials, poetry, long lines of classical novels, my own diaries.
In this performance, I simmer down this huge amount of information by wrapping each book in craft paper and merging myself into a landscape of calm tones.
In the 9-hour process, my emotional and physical condition will change dramatically – this should be reflected in the book packaging technique, pace, rhythm, and position of the books when I put them back on the shelf.
In the end, nothing should pay attention to anything anymore.

This performance is a part of “Stay LIVE at Home – Home Performance series” realised by Performistanbul.

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