My First Light

For one whole year, I captured the first light I saw waking in the mornings.

I managed to do it 299 days.

For 67 days I forgot about it.

Mostly I took photos of windows at different angles. Sometimes the first light came from a lamp or a reflection on the wall. 

Over time, I noticed that forgetfulness was connected with emotions – the stronger they were at the time, the more the daily action fell out of my mind. So some wonderful mornings and several terrible mornings have escaped from immortality. Now, looking at the whole year, I see it as a playful pattern drawn by a (Big) hand with a certain sense of black-and-white humor and a bit of sour beauty.

The daily action lasted from 30th of January 2020 till 30th of January 2021. For the documentation, I used my phone.

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